FR-SW3 series - step speed switches
FR-SW3 Step speed switches
TMS series - transformer speed controllers
TMS Transformer speed controllers
FR-SW4 series - step speed switches

FR-SW4 series - step speed switches

FR-SW4 Series - Overview


These controllers are designed with operational speed step switch which can adjust manually the speed of electrical motors /fans/. Several motors can be connected maximum current has not been exceeded.

A speed setting can be made through energetic recovery to the input of the fan/controller by connecting the potentiometer.

Compliant with CE requirements

Technical specifications

Voltage supply: 230Vac 50/60Hz
Switch rating: 16A 240V 50/60Hz
Switch: on-off
Control signal: step switch
Protection class: 44 IP
Temperature: Max. ambient temperature 35˚C
Montage: Flush or surface