RSR series - electronic speed controllers
RSR Electronic speed controllers
EC series - potentiometer electronic speed controller
EC-1S Potentiometer speed controllers
FSR series - electronic speed controllers

FSR series - electronic speed controllers

FSR Series - Overview


Electronic speed controllers are based on the principle of phase angle control. They are applicable for speed adjustment of single phase voltage controllable AC motors. Minimum speed can be adjusted using potentiometer.

There are two working modes: 1. ‘Hard’ start: The motor will always start (or restart) at max. speed for 8-10 seconds, after that the motor speed automatically follows the potentiometer position. 2. Normal start: the motor starts according to the potentiometer position.

Compliant with CE requirements

Technical specifications

Voltage supply: 230 Vac 50Hz
Control type: Potentiometer; Infinitely variable speed control
Switch: On/Off with lamp
Minimum speed: Internally adjustable via trimmer potentiometer
Protection: Fast current fuse
Temperature: Max. ambient temperature 35˚C
Noise: Noise level reduction
Light: LED indicator
Montage: ABS RAL 3075 or surface